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How this helps:

The Friends of Downtown care about the vibrancy of our City. We are here to remind Edmontonians that our City is what we make of it and we need to pull together and support each other when times are tough. We can maintain safety while supporting the businesses that make up a key part of our cultural fabric. By participating through our website, by sharing the conversation, and by supporting local businesses you can make a difference.

What you win:

Making a difference is huge, but getting FREE PARKING for a year is pretty sweet too! By providing your email, you are entered to win one of three prizes of free parking for a year in Downtown Edmonton. The parking is provided courtesy of our friends at the Zebra Parkade.

Contest rules:

1 entry/email. Pass is transferable as a gift. Winners must be 18 years of age or older. Pass 1 will be awarded by email Feb 1, 2021.

Zebra Parkade:

10040 103 Street 

Edmonton, AB

Prize Value:

Each parking pass has a value of $3,240. That's a lot of free parking. 

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